Family History

My family name is Lownds, however, the more usual spelling is Lownd(e)s.

I haven't done too much research, but it's very popular here around the Stoke-on-Trent/north Staffordshire area, as well as in Cheshire and northern Shropshire, which are the neighbouring counties.

One useful piece of information for anyone wanting to trace their ancestry, is to try and trace back to 1881 - This is an important date as a Census was taken and gives details of everyone in England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Isles and the Royal Navy.

I've had numerous e-mails over the years from people asking if we're related, some from the UK, but mostly from America and Canada.

There is a Mick Lownds in America, click here to go to his web site. As far as I'm aware, we are not related.... but you never know!

I've also had contact from a Mike Lownds of Sydney, Australia. He was born in Stoke-on-Trent, like me, however, he has spent most of his life in Australia.

There's also a Mike Lownds in Michigan, USA where he works at Michigan State University. His dad, Norm Lownds, is a professor there too!