I know what you're thinking, what are Jingles?. Well, they're the things radio stations play that identify themselves or, that of a feature. Hmm, "isn't this a rather 'strange' thing to collect"? My friends used to think I must have one of the best collections going but, I discover that I am a mere 'amateur' compared to others.

All the Jingles below are in MP3 format and encoded at 128Kbps, to ensure good quality whilst maintaining (hopefully) a fairly quick download.

Beacon Radio Over 20 Years Worth of Jingles

Moorlands Radio Community radio station for the Staffordshire Moorlands
 Jingles produced by Steve England at S2Blue

Signal Radio Jingles through 30 years of broadcasting

Sound Ideas (Production Co) 1989 demo (3.67MB)

Z100 Demo (3.58MB)

Jingle Medley A medley of some great jingles, you'll love it!

Jingle Medley 2 Yet another medley


Many thanks to the following for their help in sourcing the audio:
Geoff Barton, Michael Bolton, Liam Bramhall, Dave Hemsley, Andy Walters, Les Woollam